Kitchen equipment commonly used in western kitchens

Flat-top griddle-mainly used for western food barbecue beef, meat pieces and other foods. It needs equipment with simple operation and faster heating. This equipment can quickly satisfy customers to realize the roasting and frying of meat in a short time. , Fried way cooking.
Steam jacketed soup pot-the pot is mainly composed of a rack, steam pipeline, pot body, and pot tilting device. The main material is high-quality stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements, has a beautiful appearance, and is convenient and labor-saving to use. The pot tilting device drives the worm gear and gear drive through the hand wheel, so that the pot body is inclined to discharge the material. The flipping action is also electrically controlled, which makes the entire operation process safe and labor-saving.
Multi-function oven-mainly used for baking foods of Western food. The so-called foot multi-function is based on the temperature. No matter how high temperature or low temperature it is, it can be baked. The general Western restaurant is due to the production of bread, pastry and other foods.

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